The passing of a gaze that softly lingers,
Like a sun that’s lost its way at dusk,
Seeps in a spark between brushing fingers,
Tumbles the cup of the heart’s musk.
There rises amidst us a hibiscus hued rush,
Scheming eyelashes and straining lips,
But under the waves, a colossal hush,
Had we remembered to anchor the ships?
Slips between a hundred eyes, that glance,
A sliver of moonlight in a prison cell,
Crawls up desire, to find lips askance,
Smiles often, but refuses to tell.
Some kisses sent in advance, some belated
For the Moon has been rising for a while,
I drink from the ocean, but am never sated,
Since the first glimpse of that dewy smile.
Abhinav Bagalwadi
PGP 20